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Hi, I am George Paul, co-founder of  London SEO Partners with Tony Adams. Over the past 15 years we have done all the things you can do in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Our passion is SEO as it is forever changing and a challenge to keep ahead of Google.

The depth of knowledge we have is invaluable in helping you.  We don’t just know the theory, we have Mastered it through doing it on my own websites.

We pride ourselves in the personal service we offer and results we deliver. It would be nice to hear from you and let us become ‘your partners’ in dominating your competition.

Check out our sister site if you are wanting Google Penalty Recovery services.

Personal Service

We are a tight operation with nothing outsourced. Clients have my mobile number to call me 24/7 and know I am personally doing the work. This way overheads are low and clients reap the rewards of a cheaper account for our services.

Google Safe Methods

We do natural SEO that Google wants to see, thats why you have found us and clients get the results they do. Quality content, great user experience and active participation in sharing of the site in all media to attract traffic to it. Google rewards sites that do this.

Guaranteed Results

SEO is a mystery to many, let us give you an insight into the how we rank websites in a safe and methodical manner. Book a free consultation with us today. We will peel back the mystery and answer all the questions you have. There is no hard sell and no obligation to proceed.

What We Do

We Research 

We first look at your site, then your peers, then trends in the niche and report to you on our findings.

We Fix

We fix any website issues and commence the SEO process. This includes Press Releases and share great content.

We Share Your Site

Google loves interaction happening with social media so we ensure your site is socially active!

Google Rewards You

After what we do Google gives you the gift of free traffic as your reward for making your site attractive for people to visit.


What We Deliver

If you need to increase traffic to your website, or are a startup in a new market and want help to get your site on page one or with paid advertising? Maybe you have had a video on YouTube that you have paid a lot for and is doing nothing?

No matter what your desired outcomes are, we have helped hundreds just like you who have now become life time friends. We research, tailor a plan and execute what is needed to create a profitable online marketing campaign for you.

We are a small team with over 15 years IM experience and  ‘your partners’ in helping you get head of your competitors. We personally guarantee you get your agreed targets or your money back.

We pride ourselves in the personal service we are able to offer and as we do everything with low overheads we offer a real value for money service.

Dominate On Google

We have the experience to not only get your website on page one but also your YouTube Video, Facebook Page etc. Refer to Case Studies 1 to 3 below.

Worry Free Agreements

We only come to an agreement you are happy with, no lock in contracts.

Manage Social Media

We have years of experience at this. And not just YouTube, Facebook and Google+ but the 495 other social media platforms

Personal Service

We are a small hands on team. If you phone us I will answer and probably working on your account at the time. Nothing is outsourced.

Nothing Outsourced

We have been doing this for years and know intimately what Google wants. We insist on doing everything ourselves to ensure full control and the very best quality of work.

Multi Media Publishing

Google insists on the Full array of media used on websites and social media platforms and we embrace it.

Press Releases

We write, place and syndicate (after your approval) press releases on the highest quality global news sites to promote your business and bring traffic to your site.

Web Design

We do not offer a suite of web design services as we are SEO specialists. If you are wanting a new website we can recommend an SEO optimised web design consultant.

Guaranteed Results

If you don’t get to page one in accordance with your ‘guarantee agreement’ we give you your money back. Its what we would like if we were the customer so we insist on it.

Our Clients Include …

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Case Study One

The author of Scars Run Deep asked London SEO Partners in January 2015 to assist have his book found on the web. Within four weeks the Scars Run Deep page was dominated with the books various listings including the website, YouTube Video, Facebook Page, the Amazon and Goodreads listing as well as Press Releases. The page is still dominated by our clients listings.

Case Study Two

To demonstrate our domination over competitors, we ranked our sister company listing in number one position in the local listings for Sydney SEO, SEO and SEO Sydney. These three listings are some of the most competitive you can get given every SEO consultant and agency there is trying everything possible to achieve this.

Google notes in the results that there are 360 million websites trying to list on the SEO page.

Case Study Three

Author Mark Mansfield asked London SEO Partners in December 2014 to assist raising his profile on the web before an upcoming book launch. Within four weeks Mark was dominating page one of Mark Mansfied.  We ranked  on that page Marks website, LinkedIn Profile, YouTube Video, Facebook Page, the Amazon and Goodreads listings for his book as well as Press Releases.

London SEO


SEO London

What Clients Say…

"I could not be happier that I chose to use London SEO Partners! Tony kept me fully informed as to what he was doing and in notice I was in number one spot for Naturopath in Google's search results."

− Eliza - CBD Natural Health

"We had tried three other SEO agencies over three years and Tony took just two weeks to get us on page one. Tony delivered where others just had excuses. I strongly recommend these SEO guys."

− Peter - Night Club Owner

"I released my book Scars Run Deep on 1st January 2015 and in four weeks Tony had the website, Facebook page, Video and Amazon listing all on page one. I will definitely be using them to rank my next book"

− Mark Mansfield - Author

"I have had years of doing SEO but Tony is at the cutting edge of it today and has been for some time"

− William - Scotland

"Tony, I am astounded - you are a magician!"

− Laszlo - Your Mates Removals

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